Over 30 sessions will help us discover how to rebuild a more sustainable, inclusive, and powerful museum field.


Make connections, exchange ideas, and discover innovative products from dozens of exhibitors.


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Welcome to the AAM Virtual Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo!

The COVID-19 virus is sweeping the globe and bringing the most powerful nations, economies, and industries to a sudden halt as perhaps the largest crisis of our generation. It has upended our lives and livelihoods, our communities, and our field. While this sudden disruption on museum operations is likely to only be temporary for most museums, it is our collective responsibility to proactively assess our organizations and decide whether we want to rebuild what has always been, or use this opportunity to build a better museum model.

Archaic business models, outdated funding strategies, and a significant lack of diversity in our museums will not serve us as we manage through the impacts of the pandemic, nor as we recover. How we choose to move past this crisis will determine the future of our museums for years to come.

Envisioning a new future requires us to ask what decisions we can make that will not only help us overcome the immediate threat, but help us to rebuild a more sustainable, inclusive, and powerful museum field. The American Alliance of Museum’s Virtual Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo theme is focusing on Radical Reimagining so we can all take that first step together. Join us on May 18, International Museums Day, to kick off our virtual meeting, and on June 1-4 for the full conference.

This is our opportunity to work together, break from the past, and reimagine the field anew. This is the time for bold, innovative ideas uninhibited by old structures or self-doubt. We require stronger partnerships based on trust, authenticity, and the understanding that we are only as strong as the most vulnerable in our society. It will take cross-continental solidarity, leadership, and cooperation to tackle this worldwide crisis and emerge a stronger global museum field.

Within the theme of Radical Reimagining, there will be several content tracks:

Reinspire: How do we use the impacts of the pandemic as an opportunity to create a stronger field? How can we reimagine the structures, work, and business models that haven’t served us in the past?

Rebuild: How do we manage through the crisis and plan for recovery? How can we create new revenue models and financial strategies now that will lead to a more sustainable future? 

Reengage: The Annual Meeting is always an opportunity for continued professional development in areas from collections management, curatorial practice, exhibit design, education, fundraising, marketing, and beyond. #AAMvirtual will offer a selection of programs from the original #AAM2020 program. 

Reconnect: While we can’t be together in-person this year, #AAMvirtual will offer ample opportunities to reconnect with colleagues across the field and around the globe. From virtual networking events to online chats with presenters and fellow attendees, you will have an opportunity to meet, be inspired by, and learn from others. This content track is filled with networking opportunities and programming to leave us reconnected as a field.

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