About Us


Environmental graphiti® is a venture that uses ART to dramatize the SCIENCE of CLIMATE CHANGE in an effort to expand public awareness of this urgent issue. THE ART CONSISTS OF OVER 75 DIGITAL PAINTINGS, EACH DERIVED FROM A CHART, GRAPH, MAP, WORD OR NUMBER RELATING TO A KEY FACT ABOUT CLIMATE SCIENCE.

Past Exhibitions

environmental graphiti has been exhibited at various museums (including the Adler Planetarium and Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago, the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto and the MOXI Museum in Santa Barbara, CA.) and is held by over 30 universities, several with collections of over 20 pieces (UC California – Irvine, Loyola University – Chicago and Michigan Technological University).  

The art is featured on the cover of the major UN (IPCC) report “Global Warming of 1.5°”, the first time the IPCC has ever used art in this way.  

HIGHLY AFFORDABLE: We work with museums, universities and non-profits to make the art available for purchase or exhibition at the artist’s cost.  

If you seek unique and relevant digital content to stay connected to your patrons that cannot visit, a customizable online art exhibit offers a beautiful and compelling educational experience at no cost to you.    

PARTNERenvironmental graphiti is proud to collaborate on special projects with The Climate Music Project. With a team of world class scientists, composers and musicians, they create and perform science-guided music. Together we harness the universal languages of art and music to create unique visual and musical experiences that resonate, educate, challenge and motivate audiences to take meaningful action.

Contact us

See the full collection of art, and learn more about the history and mission of the project:  www.environmentalgraphiti.org  

Email us: egraphiti@gmail.com