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Gateway Ticketing Systems® is the world leader in ticketing software, admission control, strategic consultation and revenue generation for the attractions industry, including art and cultural museums, children’s museums, science and industry museums, botanical gardens, historic sites and other non-profit attractions. Gateway’s robust Galaxy® Product Suite integrates ticketing, admission control, membership and donor management, resource management, group sales, online and kiosk ticketing, retail, food and beverage, CRM and reporting. In addition to its Gilbertsville headquarters, Gateway offices include Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and an office in central London. 

Over the past few months, Gateway has been running a series of webinars every Wednesday designed to help museums and attractions deliver their best guest experience whether they are closed or reopened, despite coronavirus. Check out some of the recordings below.

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Optimizing the Capacity Managed Guest Experience Inside Your Attraction

Re-creating Trust With Your Guests & Re-training Your Staff

Reopening Strategies and Transitioning to a Capacity Managed Attraction

Creative & Out-of-the-Box Ideas To Generate Revenue Now & When You Reopen

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