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Who we are

Goppion is an Italian manufacturing and engineering company which, for more than six decades, has been devoted to the creation of premium museum display technologies. We have an in-house workforce of designers, engineers, technicians, and project managers supported by a network of highly specialized outside collaborators that we refer to as ‘co-makers’. Additionally, we have stand alone regional offices managing our work in the US and Japan.  The Goppion organization designs, fabricates, assembles and installs technical display cases and related installations for museums throughout the world.

What we do

At Goppion we strive to produce display cases that synthesize functionality and elegance. The clean, unfussy outward appearance of our cases conceals advanced engineering.  Manufactured to meet exacting safety standards for both objects and visitors; our cases are equipped with highly sophisticated opening systems to provide maximum accessibility for museum staff, precise air quality and climate control systems to ensure the best possible conservation conditions, and state-of-the-art lighting to guarantee ideal viewing.

In addition, we design and construct bases, pedestals, panels, shelving, and other interior fittings—in short, every kind of mounting accessory that helps exhibition designers highlight the features of the objects on display.

Who we do it for

We put our expertise and technical know-how at the disposal of museums and collectors, whether they require a single display case for a specific masterpiece or a complete new exhibition installation. We also help renovate entire galleries, providing technological and design solutions to suit the most varied conditions.

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Goppion SpA
58-60 viale Edison
20090 Trezzano sul Naviglio (Milano)
t   +39 02 484 4971
f   +39 02 445 3985 

Goppion US
205 Mt Auburn St
Watertown, MA 02472
 t   +1 617.297.2546
 f   +1 617.848.2641

Goppion Japan
2 Chome-11-16
Minamiaoyama, Minato City
Tokyo 107-0062
t   +81 0906 563 9574

Ted Paschkis
 m  617.306.8936

Andrea Sartori
 m  +39 348 708 7762

Oscar Gerolin
m +39 348 002 9101

Bruno Goppion
m  +39 349 794 1433

(please contact Andrea Sartori or Bruno Goppion for Goppion Japan intro)