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We are a design/build studio near Portland, Maine and tension textiles are our medium.  

We bring an artistic sensibility and technical expertise to concept development, design, fabrication, and installation. Working for and with exhibit designers, architects, interior designers, and event producers, we create artful interiors and experiential environments that walk lightly on the earth.  

Recent installations and fabrications include
Traveling exhibits (National Geographic, Conservation International/Vision3)
Permanent exhibits (University of Michigan Museum of Natural History, Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, Computer History Museum)
Experiential environments (Conservation International/Vision3, Amazon Web Services) Custom Renovation Screens (Georgia Aquarium)
Custom luminaires (The Montage, Ocean Properties, Mississippi Civil Rights Museum)
Daylighting and interior shade (Bowdoin College MuseumNorth Carolina Museum of ArtValley Children’s Medical Center)
Acoustical aerials (Patten Free Library)  

In addition to custom work, we offer an extensive catalog of creative tension-fabric elements designed and ready-made for purchase or rent.  

To help museums, public institutions, and workplaces address concerns associated with COVID-19, we offer a line of Social Screens. These ready-made and custom stretch-fabric partitions and moveable walls provide artful separation within social environments.  

Transformit was founded in 1988 by sculptor and performance artist Cynthia “Cindy” Thompson and over the years Cindy has attracted a team of like-minded artisans and rabble-rousers to Transformit’s artistic enterprise.   We love to create. We love to try new things. With our clients, we love to create a more beautiful, impactful, and sustainable today and tomorrow.  

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Gorham, Maine USA


Cindy Thompson
Founder and President

Project Development
Jamie Basile – jbasile@transformit.com
Jim Ahearne – jahearne@transformit.com
Tom Newhall – tnewhall@transformit.com
Tracy Costa – tcosta@transformit.com